Having fun and learning – a great combination

Children’s events are designed by various sponsors each year to stimulate, educate, and just plain have fun.  We have had games, art projects, recycle projects, and many more over the years.  Below we will post what is happening this year.  Bring your children and enjoy!


Texoma Quilt Guild – Reusing clothing; Younger children will pick out fabric scraps, adults and older children will do the sewing.  Emphasis on design, rather than sewing skills.


Blue Stem Master NaturalistFossil Fun!  Participants will be able to learn how to find and identify fossils, see prehistoric insect in Amber under a microscope, and dig for fossils in a fossil pit.  Additional include making fossil casts and rubbings.

Skins & Sculls: – Get hands on with a variety of animal pelts and skulls. Learn about tracks and stamp your own tracks or make a cast of an animal track to take home.

Birds! Birds! Birds!  Learn about some of our local birds, do some bird watching with us, make your own bird tracks and dissect an owl pellet and find out what an owl had for dinner.

Yvette Grove (Children’s Author) – Will do story readings for children at various times in the day. 


Boys & Girls Club of Sherman – Flower Planting


Free Children’s Clothing Swap –  Bring unneeded or outgrown children’s clothing, and take what you need.

There will be no need to check in or check out. We will have people on site to assist, but they will not monitor the amount of clothing anyone takes. Clothing may be dropped off early on Friday between 3:00 and 5:00 pm. It can also be dropped off during the event, the earlier the better. Everything must be clean and in good condition. Please know the sizes of the clothing and be prepared to help sort as you drop off. The Childrens Clothing Swap is sponsored by Adrian Hinman and Red River Unitarian Universalist Church Welcoming Team. 

Unclaimed clothing will be donated or reserved for future clothing swap events.


Perrin & Fred Douglas Early Childhood Centers

Students and their parents create fun and creative sculptures from found and recycled items