Having fun and learning – a great combination

Children’s events are designed by various sponsors each year to stimulate, educate, and just plain have fun.  We have had games, art projects, recycle projects, and many more over the years.  Below we will post what is happening this year.  Bring your children and enjoy!


Sponsors providing Children Activities Include:


John Allen
Traveling Magic Show                  Activity TBD

Circle Tree Community School will offer a make-your-own scratchboard project. They provide cardboard, crayons, and black paint mixed with a portion of dish soap. Kids will cover their board with color and then paint over it. Once their paint has dried, they can scratch designs and pictures revealing the colors below!


Kids will make decorative items to enhance their homes or gardens.  The purpose of the 4-H Clover Kids Program is to help youth learn social skills, develop self-esteem and build family strengths. The goal is to promote children’s positive development through cooperative learning and developmentally appropriate activities




Community Flower Vase Project

Texoma Earth Day Festival will sponsor a community flower vase project. Stop by our table and create a flower to add to our vase. We will provide paper, crayons, markers, colored pencils, and scissors. Draw, color and cut out your flower, and then place it on the backdrop for our vase.