Having fun and learning – a great combination

Children’s events are designed by various sponsors each year to stimulate, educate, and just plain have fun.  We have had games, art projects, recycle projects, and many more over the years.  Below we will post what is happening this year.  Bring your children and enjoy!


Recycled Art Contest.  Sponsored by Sherman Parks & Rec.                                   Recycled Art Contest Rules

Earth Day is a wonderful day to celebrate everything about our planet. Sherman Parks & Rec is partnering with the Earth Day Festival to host a Recycled Art Contest. Participants in grade school are encouraged to display their art.

The rules of the competition are simple. All art must accomplish one of two things: either the art must celebrate our planet, or it must utilize recycled material. If a painting, drawing, or coloring is submitted the art work must lay flat. If a 3D piece of art is submitted, it must not take up any more space than 1 cubic foot.

All artwork will need to be submitted to the Parks and Recreation no later than April 18 by the end of the day. Submissions should also have the bottom portion of the contest rules attached to the art.

The art will be on display at the Municipal Ballroom from 9AM-4PM. It can be picked up at the Parks and                                               Recreation office between Monday and Friday the following week.               Download Poster.      


Grayson College Dept of Visual Arts – Newspaper origami planted boxes, origami hats & swords


Texoma Quilt Guild – Reusing clothing; Younger children will pick out fabric scraps, adults and older children will do the sewing.  Emphasis on design, rather than sewing skills.


ArtRageous Salon – interactive painting for everyone to help.  Organized by Krystal Skinner


Circletree School

1. Paint the Ocean – We will have poster board with waves drawn in marker laid out on the floor. Children will be able to use their fingers to finger paint the waves. We will have water color paint already prepared in certain colors, likely blues, greens and white.
2. Make a Sea CreatureWe will also have a station where young people can draw and cut out sea creatures from construction paper and glue them onto bottle caps. They can then choose to play with them on the ocean poster board. They can take these creatures home with them.
3. Marbled Pebbles – We will have another station that is more of a science activity with pebbles, a bowl of water and nail polish. Young people can tie their pebble with a string and then dip it into our bowl of water with nail polish floating in it. Once they pull out the pebble, it will be coated in nail polish. This will demonstrate a similar effect that oil spills have on our planet’s waters.
4. Tornado bottles – These will be made ahead and be offered more as an activity to play with and test while young people visit our table. Two bottles are connected by mouth and filled with enough water so that when the water moves from one bottle to the next, one can twirl it creating a “tornado” or whirlpool.
5. Erosion bottlesThese will also be made ahead. Three bottles will be filled with soil, mulch and grass seeds. Children can use a watering can to water the bottles and witness how erosion works and how it is prevented by the mulch and grass seeds. There will be a cup hanging from each bottle to capture the water from the can. In the cup, one can see the soil dirty the water from erosion.

Fred Douglas Learning Center –  Recycled Sculpture Show