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If you are interested in participating as a Volunteer and have questions - please contact:



    Graphic Design           

    Web Site Update          

    Volunteer Recruitment  

Publicity Before Event:

    Public Speaking

    Flyer Distribution

    Clerical Assistance

    Write Press Releases

Event Volunteers:

Volunteer Needs


Set Up Day Before

9 AM -  5 PM

Set Up Day of Event

    Assist Vendors

    Direct Traffic / Barricades

    Set up special tents

6:30 AM -  9:30 AM

Crew during Event

    Work Information Booth

    Give out Water Bottles

    Help Vendors

  8 AM -  4 PM

Clean Up After Event

    Remove all signs of            festival

  3 PM -  5 PM

Volunteer Registration Form

Volunteer Information

We Need YOU!