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Open to all area artists, designers, college art students and high school art students in their junior and senior year.

The Grayson College Visual Arts Department will be hosting “Trashion V”, a runway style trash fashion show, in conjunction with the 2016 Texoma Earth Day Festival in Sherman, Texas on Saturday, April 23.

According to wiseGEEK.com “Trashion is a word which is used to refer to objects and garments produced from discarded, unwanted, and leftover items. Trashion encompasses everything from home décor to garments, and public interest in trashion started exploding in the late 1990s, when being environmentally ethical while staying chic started to come into style. Trashion is considered to be a form of upcycling which refers to repurposing things for new uses, rather than simply getting rid of unwanted objects.

This word is a fusion of the words “trash” and “fashion,” and it is meant to imply that things made from recycled objects don't need to be lacking in style. While anyone can browse a vintage or thrift store, someone interested in trashion might also delve into free boxes, piles of discards destined for the dump, and other more unconventional sources for potential artistic inspiration.

Trashion jewelry often uses discarded and waste metals, both from within the jewelry industry and outside of it, and artists may use things like bottle caps, discarded containers, and so forth to make their jewelry more visually interesting and to remind consumers of the jewelry's origins. Trashion clothing often involves custom sewing, integrating several sources of discarded textile materials in designs which can vary widely, from sleek and hip to more casual and laid-back.”

Work should include no less than eighty percent (80%) recyclable trash, found objects, and discarded fabric material.

Sponsored by:   
Grayson College - Visual Arts Department

For more information please contact:  
Kristin Vilbig Erickson
GCC Fine Arts Chair
(214) 293-1432

Photos from the 2017 “Trashion IV” Fashion Show
by Jan Fletcher & Carol Harner