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Earth Day Festival is a free event.  Families and individuals may attend workshops, visit vendors, listen to music, and participate in all related events at no charge, learning in the process about stewardship of the planet.  

It is through the Sponsor Program, vendor booth rental and business card advertising that the Earth Day Festival is funded.  

Please consider making a difference in the community by being a Sponsor for the Texoma Earth Day Festival.  

All sponsorship proceeds will be used to cover direct expenses of the 2018 Earth Day Festival

Texoma Earth Day Festival is a 501(c )(3) Non-Profit Corporation

Current Sponsors     Stewardship Conservation Environmental Ecologist Preservationist Recycler Water Bottles Cloth Bag Contact Us

All levels of sponsorship include:

Stewardship                                                                 $5,000

Environmentalist                                                          $1,000

Ecologist                                                                         $500

Preservationist                                                               $250

Recycler                                                                         $150

Conservationist                                                            $3,000




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In-Kind Donations Possible

This Could Be You for 2018!