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Gazebo - Main Stage

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Please attend Keynote in Ballroom

Tai Chi for Health

Lift / Dance / Fitness

Oliver White

Little Goddess Trybe

Austin College Vocal Jazz Ensemble

“Trashion Fashion 5”

Tai Chi for Health

Lift / Dance / Fitness

Our vision at LIFT Dance | Fitness | Arts is be a safe, wholesome fun place for families and people of all ages to learn and develop skills in dance, fitness, and the arts.  We have something for the whole family - dance and tumbling classes for children ages 2-13; and group fitness for ages 13 & up offering unlimited Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Barre Fitness, and Aerial Yoga class.  Our state-of-the art facility combined with caring and experienced instructors makes a winning combination for our customers!

Tai Chi is a very old Chinese martial art form. It dates back to the 12th century. It can be thought of as a slow moving meditation.  Tai Chi is performed slowly, softly, and gracefully with smooth and even transitions in between each movement.  You get the same benefits of an aerobic workout without the jarring on the joints, which is great for arthritis.  You will learn how to release your stress for better health, improve your balance to help prevent falls, strengthen your muscle and bone mass, relax your mind and body, breathe properly, improve your circulation, flexibility and posture.  Tai Chi is also known to lower your blood pressure and helps with depression.  In recent studies on Tai Chi it has been proven that Parkinson’s and Fibromyalgia patients have made big improvements.  Although you would not think so, every movement is for self-defense.  You’re never too old to start. Come have One Free Class!

Instructor: Debra Sullivan 5th Degree Black belt with 35 γears experience in the Martial Arts.