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“Balancing the Earth Books”

Dan Phillips

Dan Phillips is founder of Phoenix Commotion, a building initiative in the Huntsville, TX area. He is out to prove that constructing homes with recycled and salvaged materials has a viable place in the building industry. This process uses only apprentice labor and teaches marketable skills to anyone with a work ethic who is willing to swing a hammer. By keeping labor costs low and using donated or found materials, the homes built by Phoenix Commotion are truly affordable. No two are alike due to the myriad of materials used. There is an artistic element that makes Phoenix Commotion homes unique. They target single parents, artists and families with low incomes. The homeowner must be involved with the planning and construction. The result is a person who is empowered, not only by useful knowledge of building skills, but also by the opportunity to become a part of the community as a vested participant.

Join us in the Sherman Municipal Ballroom at 11:00 to see photos of the houses and hear more about this important work.

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